Monday, May 2, 2011

Etude House: Bubble Hair Coloring

This is my first ever review, so I hope its not that bad.

Okey, so yesterday I bought this Bubble Hair Coloring it comes with four shades:
No.1 Deep Black, No.2 Dark Brown, No.3 Natural Brown, No.4 Wine Red.

I got the No. 2 shade which is the dark brown, I wanted to buy the No.4 which is the Wine Red but I'm afraid it might become to red ( my school don't allowed colored hair) so I decided to try the Dark Brown instead. I was curious about this product so I gave it a try.

Product Description:
Bubble Hair Coloring is a light and simple to use hair dye pump for easy, streak free application.

Inside the Box:

Inside is a bottle which contain the No.2 Solution, The bigger sachet is the No.1 Solution you have to pour it inside the bottle, and the small sachet is the Silky Perfumed Treatment (Err, its like a conditioner!?) and it also contain instruction inside but its written in Korean, a gloves and cape.

How To Use:
Step 1: Combine No.1 & No.2 Solution.
Step 2: Put on provided gloves, pump generous amount onto gloves.
Step 3: Apply bubble dye evenly to dry hair .
Step 4: Massage dye into hair until it completely covered your hair. Leave on for about 30minutes.
Step 5: Rinse color then apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment leave for a few minutes then rinse it again.

This is how the bubble thingy looks like:

The dye is quite nice I like the bubbly effect, the smell is just fine not too strong. The application is very easy and not messy at all. After washing my hair it feel really soft and nice. So overall, its a good hair dye though I'm not sure about the staying power.

This is the before and after picture of my hair, both pictures are taken with flash.

Maybe for now I will give it a
Rating of 4/5. If the staying power is good then its going to be 5/5.


  1. how much does their bubble hair color costs? :D

    BTW, nice blog dear. Definitely going to follow you!

  2. its around 378php.
    Oh thank you MissKatv! :)

  3. i should try that, followed you btw. ^^

  4. hi :) where did you buy it? is it available in etude house - sm megamall?