Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Uy! Uy!

Today, January 22, 2010. Saturday.
We are at the school today for our orientation,
Flor suddenly asked me to go and eat something since she's complaining that she's still hungry.
We we're looking for something to eat and then decided to eat rice instead of just a snack.
While eating my friend Dhin-Dhin pointed out my classmate when I was in 3rd year who is my long time crush or should I say my first love? :3

It was nice to see him again, after a long time. The last time I saw him was when me and my other classmates from 3rd year met to planned for a reunion. He still look like the same, he seems like he grew taller. He's with her girlfriend, they've been together for 2years now i think, it was nice to see him happy. So, I feel a little jealous though I know that I don't have the right to feel jealous or whatever, where just friends back then but I think if we had a longer time to know each other we might ended up as a couple or am I just assuming?

Oh well, I was trying to pretend that I didn't notice him while they're ordering foods to eat, my friend Issa told me that he was looking at me and so to my embarrassment I keep trying to change the subject but they'll keep on teasing me. Well, I secretly look at him, examining. And then after a few minutes we decided to go back to school because the orientation might already starting, and to my surprise again he's on our way. He said "Uy!" and I only replied him with a "Uy!" also and hit him on the arm, I didn't even have the time to ask him how is he or whatever, I was hoping for a little conversation, and I didn't even had the chance to look at his eye, I feel so shy. Hope to see him again or not, but I'm really hoping.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My messy room :P

Because of my busy schedule this past few weeks, my room is suffering,
I didn't have the time to clean it.

I don't like it when my room is messy, I can't find my things when I needed them. Just like now my Cellphone USB Connector is missing T_T. I've been looking for it for a week now.

And this is my table, supposed to be my workplace, haha! there's a pile of books and xerox copies this sem and last sem, I'm really disorganized don't you think? Oh well, I will clean them as soon as I'm free. My heart is breaking seeing this scenario :P

And my poor bed, wonder how I was able to sleep on it, well, when your tired you didn't notice this mess. Bags are everywhere, my bed sheet is not in a proper position and unfolded clothes is everywhere.

Anyway, I promise to clean you tomorrow! If and if i'm in a good mood to clean :)