Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My messy room :P

Because of my busy schedule this past few weeks, my room is suffering,
I didn't have the time to clean it.

I don't like it when my room is messy, I can't find my things when I needed them. Just like now my Cellphone USB Connector is missing T_T. I've been looking for it for a week now.

And this is my table, supposed to be my workplace, haha! there's a pile of books and xerox copies this sem and last sem, I'm really disorganized don't you think? Oh well, I will clean them as soon as I'm free. My heart is breaking seeing this scenario :P

And my poor bed, wonder how I was able to sleep on it, well, when your tired you didn't notice this mess. Bags are everywhere, my bed sheet is not in a proper position and unfolded clothes is everywhere.

Anyway, I promise to clean you tomorrow! If and if i'm in a good mood to clean :)

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