Sunday, February 6, 2011


I just realized, that I missed my chance to be happy,
to experience the love of someone who offers his heart to me,
to have had a wonderful memory with that someone who I once called "my soulmate".
If I can only turn back time, I will not let that someone wait for me,
he waited more than a year and I was ignoring him, I keep saying that I already love someone and I'm just waiting that he will realized someday that he actually like me.
I ignored my soulmate, he got tired and disappeared.
It was okay at first but I realized soon enough that I actually missed him, no, it's not just miss..
I actually love him the whole time, I'm just so stupid that time, waiting for someone who actually don't know that I'm waiting. I should have let myself to love someone like him.
I should have say "yes" before when he asked me to be his girl, I never knew that I will miss him this much.

I almost have the love I ever wanted. But I was blind, I was not paying attention to that someone, and now he's gone, completely gone in my life. The person I ignored before is the same person that I wanted to be with. All I can wish for that someone is to find someone and have a happy time with someone who will love him back.

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